Solid Carbide Saw Blade

Saw blade provides "High precision technology" for the proccessing of tough material.



Solid carbide saw blade made by superior quality of material, surface, precision tooth indexing performs precision cutting and slotting, good performance for non-ferrous material, tough material cutting / slotting.


Outside Diameter(D) 10 ~ 200 mm
Thickness(t) 0.1 ~ 10 mm
Inner Diameter(d) 12.5 / 15.875 / 25.4 mm etc.

Solid Carbide Saw Blade Surface Treatment

Type TiN TiAlN TiCN T3
Film hardness (Hv) 2,000 ~ 2,300 2,800 ~ 3,300 2,600 ~ 2,800 3,000 ~ 3,400
Film thickness(µm) 2 ~ 3 2 ~ 3 2 ~ 4 2 ~ 3
Outline Well-known gold-colored titanium coating High heat-resistance titanium nitride aluminum coating Titanium carbonitride with additional carbon to TiN for improved hardness Chromium series high hardness combined coating
Features Abrasion resistance Corrosion resistance High adhesiveness High hardness Resistance to oxidation at high temperatures High hardness Sliding abrasion resistance High hardness Sliding abrasion resistance Corrosion resistance Resistance to oxidation at high temperatures
Material applications General steel High hardness steel Aluminum alloy Iron and nonferrous metal High hardness steel Difficult-to-cut material Stainless steel