Saw Blade Grinding Machines


HSS saw blade re-grind machine.



GK4-D is regrinding machine for HSS saw blade and can make various type of teeth form as straight, curved and with chamfer. Saw blade is precision indexed with index plate (Optional accessory) and feed bar.


Base machine HSS saw diameter 20 ~ 400 mm
Max. pitch of teeth 24
Indexing max. pitch 30
Max. HSS saw thickness 6 mm
Grinding wheel diameter φ 100 mm ~ 150 mm
Grinding wheel max. thickness 8 mm
Spindle rotation speed 50Hz / 60Hz 3,540 rpm / 4,250 rpm
Indexing speed (Pitch/mm) 50HZ / 60HZ 70 ~ 200 / 80 ~ 240
Drive motor 0.75 kW 4p
Motor for dust collector 0.2 kW 2p
Weight 155 kg